Sunday, July 12, 2009

MICS4 Questionnaires and Indicator List Version 1.0 Released

The new MICS questionnaires and indicator list, for the 4th round of MICS surveys, was released in July, 2009. The documents can be found here.

This first version (1.0) of the questionnaires and indicator list were finalized at the end of a long process where the MICS3 questionnaires underwent an intense review process. The following contributed to the finalizations of the questionnaires and indicator list:

  • Observations and reviews of the Global MICS Team, of the MICS3 questionnaires
  • Findings of the MICS3 Evaluation, carried out independently by John Snow Inc.
  • Review and comments by the DHS programme experts
  • Consultations with several interagency groups, various sections of the UNICEF Programme Division in New York, other UN and non-UN agencies, UNICEF Regional Offices
  • Comments and contributions of the experts in the Statistics and Monitoring Section, UNICEF New York
  • Consultations with experts working in the field of household surveys

The new indicator list entertains 108 indicators, many of which were included in MICS3. The same three questionnaires are retained from MICS3 - the Household, Women's and Under-5s questionnaires. There are several new topics included, while some modules that were in the MICS3 questionnaires have been dropped.

Plans are already under way to release Version 1.1 of the documents, on August 10th, 2009

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