Monday, August 10, 2009

MICS4 Questionnaires and Indicator List Version 1.1 Released

Versions 1.1 of the MICS4 Questionnaires and Indicator List were released on August 12th, 2009.

The Household, Women's and Under-5's Questionnaires, and the MICS4 Indicator List can be found here.

The new indicator list includes 109 indicators, categorized according to the following topics:

Mortality (2)
Nutrition (20)
Child Health (22)
Environment (4)
Reproductive Health (9)
Child Development (7)
Literacy and Education (10)
Child Protection (15)
HIV/AIDS, Sexual Behaviour and Orphans (20)

There are many changes in the questionnaires, some very significant. The module on "Chronic Illness" has been dropped. The module on Vitamin A has also been dropped, but the questions have been modified and moved to after the Immunization module. New modules on "Desire for Last Birth" and "Unmet Need" have been added. There are changes in the wording of many questions, mainly to harmonize with other survey programs, such as the DHS. There has also been re-numbering of questions, which means that any use of the questionnaires should be based on versions 1.1.


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